Sedan vs. Hatchback: Which Type of Car Suits Your Lifestyle?

Are you in the market for a new car?


Choosing your new car is an important decision. It isn't as simple as test driving a car to make sure it suits your driving style; it also needs to fit your lifestyle. For most people, that makes them wonder whether they would prefer a sedan or a hatchback.

Both are practical and affordable, so the decision isn't always straightforward. Read on to see which better suits you.

What Is a Sedan?

When you think about a car, sedans pretty much meet that image. Four doors, a trunk, and the ability to reach fast speeds. Most of the world's best selling cars are sedans.

Compared to other car types, they're smaller, weigh less, and are more aerodynamic. This means they can offer up to 30 miles per gallon at least. Their shape also gives good, unobstructed visibility out the rear window.

The Sedan Lifestyle

If you're looking to make some savings on fuel and make it go the extra mile, a sedan could be for you. They are also known for their stylish design and high levels of comfort. This could make them a great choice for a small family who doesn't need a lot of trunk space.

With their large wheelbase, they handle better on the road too. Many models are becoming increasingly fuel efficient while keeping a powerful engine. This isn't the case for other types of smaller vehicles.

What's a Hatchback?

Hatchbacks are available in two options - two-door or four-door models. They look very much like a sedan until you reach the trunk; this looks similar to that of an SUV.

There is no separation of the trunk, which means it can be accessed from the main cabin. There is more height to the trunk too, with the door and window swinging upwards when opened. Hatchbacks are growing in popularity in the United States.

The Hatchback Lifestyle

Smaller hatchbacks work well for people living in the city. Their size and fuel efficiency make them good for moving in high levels of traffic. They can also fit into tighter parking spots.

With more trunk space and the ability to fold down the back seats, they're great for those who need the room. If you're transporting a lot of large goods around or you like to spend the weekend away, they can be a great choice.

When coming to reselling, many hatchback models will offer values that sedans can't match. It's predicted a hatchback can keep more than half of its value after three years! That's impressive considering that the industry average is only 35 percent.

Sedan vs. Hatchback: Which One Is Right for You?

As you see, when it comes to sedan vs. hatchback, both are excellent options.

If you make frequent short trips and need trunk space, a hatchback is an obvious choice. If you're going to drive long distances, then the superior handling and comfort of the sedan make it the clear winner.

Whatever type of vehicle best suits your lifestyle, you'll be sure to find the right car at Vision Hyundai Henrietta. Whether you want something new or pre-owned, we have the perfect Hyundai for you.


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